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Granite Billing is a reputable and reliable billing specialist in New Hampshire, offering customized billing solutions to a variety of medical practitioners. Our experienced team specializes in the healthcare industry and ensures accurate and efficient handling of claims and reimbursements.

We understand that every healthcare practice is unique, so we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our customized solutions streamline the billing process, minimizing errors and maximizing revenue. As your practice grows, we can easily accommodate increasing billing needs without compromising quality or efficiency.

What sets us apart is our extensive knowledge of various Billing/EHR software systems. We work with a wide range of platforms, adapting to our clients’ existing infrastructure and making the transition to our services seamless.

Behavioral Health Billing

Now servicing a complex task that involves many sources, including payments from individuals, grants, nonprofits, and insurance.

Collecting patient information (name, address, insurance details).
Verifying insurance coverage and benefits.

Assigning appropriate medical codes for diagnosis and procedures (using ICD, CPT, and HCPCS coding systems).
Entering charges for services rendered.

Submitting medical claims to insurance companies. Provider Outpatient / Facility Outpatient (CMS-1500 / UB04)
Ensuring compliance with insurance guidelines and regulations.

Payment Posting and Reconciliation

Posting payments received from insurance companies and patients.
Reconciling payments with billed charges.

Denial Management

Reviewing and managing denied claims.
Resubmitting corrected claims or filing appeals.

Patient Billing and Follow-up

Generating and sending patient statements for any outstanding balances.
Following up with patients for payment collection.

Reporting and Analytics

Providing detailed reports on billing activities, financial performance.
Analyzing data for trends and insights to improve billing efficiency and revenue.

Compliance and Quality Assurance

Ensuring adherence to healthcare regulations (HIPAA).
Implementing quality checks to minimize errors and maximize revenue.

Customer Support and Communication

Assisting patients with billing inquiries.
Communicating with healthcare providers and insurance companies to resolve issues.

We also provide Substance Abuse, Chiropractic , Physical Therapy, Acupuncture and Family Medicine billing.

We work and are familiar with multiple different Billing/EHR softwares like: ClaimMD, AdvanceMD, Kareo, TherapyNotes, Office Ally, Availity, OPTUM, and MORE!

Additional Services* Across All Packages include:

  • Credentialing Assistance: Guidance and support in the credentialing process for new providers.
  • Re-Credentialing Assistance: Ongoing support to ensure current providers maintain their credentials.
  • Client Invoicing: Efficient and accurate invoicing services for your clients.
  • Scheduling: Streamlined scheduling solutions to optimize your practice’s operations.

*not included in base price of packages

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Excellent Service
Billing has gone above and beyond to handle my medical billing needs.
They are prompt, efficient, and have significantly improved my revenue cycle.

I highly recommend their services.

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Game Changer!
Granite Billing has been a game-changer for my medical practice.
They have simplified the billing process, reduced denials, and increased my overall revenue.

Their expertise in medical billing is evident, and I can confidently focus on patient care knowing that my billing is in the best hands.

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I’m so grateful to have found Granite Billing! They have surpassed my expectations in every aspect.
Their transparency, responsiveness, and commitment to providing personalized billing solutions have greatly improved the financial health of my practice.

I would highly recommend their services.


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